my basement

I should know you

I should save me

but I whisper constantly 

that I have no clue. 

I can’t build my basement

even if I want to stay inside,

in the grey and lie quit. 

I scream ‚fuck you‘ 

and the room is empty

because it’s all in my head.

All in my head, all in my head

and no, I am not silly or sick,

just mentally ill and 

this is no excuse,

this has no clue,

because it’s all in my head,

while I’m painting walls white and black.

You want to be my friend?

Stay safe before I give

you my bird.

I can’t hold myself or

control my thoughts

but at least I do feel shit,

instead of giving

everything a like or heart.

Yeah, live in your fantasy,

but keep me in my basement.

There I do feel free

and have my own pencils.

I don’t need to show everyone

what a tasty chick I am,

I dont need to stoop to publish myself,

because I lost my dignity before you,

so fuck you,

fuck you,

fuck you.

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